There are very few things that can rival the treat that is natural honeycomb. Whether you use it to bring the ‘wow factor’ to your next grazing platter, as a cheeky addition to your hot chocolate, or as a treat all on its own, our 100% natural Kawana Honeycomb comes straight from our hives to your plate.


Our honeycomb is extracted carefully from the hive,cold filtered,and packaged raw to preserve its natural goodness.


Tasting notes: Our healthy bees forage old-growth Yellow Box, Red Box, Red Gum, acacia and seasonal wildflowers. This produces a delicious, delicate honey enriched with the mild flavours of Australian botanical blossoms and undertones of toasted toffee.


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Premium Kawana Honeycomb (500g)

  • 500g pure 100% Australian Kawana Honeycomb

    Store in a cool, dry place.