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The pristine Strathbogie Ranges of North East Victoria provide an ideal environment for bee keeping and honey production. Honey truly is one of the finest natural remedies available to us, aiding with digestion, immunity and cell regeneration. 

Kawana honey is pure, minimally processed and naturally rich in antioxidants, amino acids, proteins and digestive enzymes. 


Our apiary provides a sanctuary for our bee population, who forage among old-growth forests of Yellow Box, Red Box, Red Gum, acacia and seasonal wildflowers. This unique collection of native flora produces a delicate honey which is enriched with the mild flavours of Australian blossoms with warm undertones of toffee and seasonal wildflowers. 

Due to the fragility of natural honey, we maintain temperatures below 30°C when extracting ours. This protects the honey to ensure the flavour and nutritional profile remains uncompromised. Once extracted, our honey is packaged raw with minimal handling and processing. 

The result is a softly candied honey that is easy to drizzle and has a wonderful mouthfeel. 

Please note: A key indicator of the quality of our honey is its tendency to crystallise (or candy) during cooler months. This serves as your guarantee that your honey has not been diluted with syrup, or had its antioxidant and mineral properties destroyed by overheating during processing.

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