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Wilder FIBRE

A great day starts with a great sleep. Raising our lively family on a rural property, we know that the best adventures begin with well rested explorers.


Help your wild child dream easy with our naturally produced, superior quality bedding from our exclusive Wilder Fibre range.


The undulating hills of our property are home to our flock of Merino sheep. Among the oldest breeds in the world, Merino sheep produce our signature superfine merino wool, which is known for being an extremely soft, breathable and moisture wicking fibre.


Merino wool is celebrated by dermatologists as the most low-allergen natural fibre. Its hypoallergenic properties help to regulate body temperature, manage recurring skin conditions and promote a deeper and more restorative sleep in babies and children. 


Our bespoke Wilder Fibre collection includes fitted bassinet and cot sheets made using premium Australian superfine merino wool. Each is produced with love and care so you can rest easy knowing your little one is sleeping soundly on the best natural bedding textiles available.



Enjoy the convenience of Merino made to retain its shape when machine washed in wool program. You'll find this easy and affordable to maintain. Merino is naturally odour and dirt resistant and requires a lot less washing.

Merino is naturally renewable, biodegradable and fire resistant so it will not burn. 

Superfine Merino wool is luxuriously
 soft and comfortable against baby skin due to the fineness of the fibres. Merino is not scratchy and won't irritate your baby's skin. Research shows weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when sleeping on wool compared to cotton. Merino wool is a natural product which provides a natural and safe sleeping environment.


Our fabric is ZQ Merino accredited, grown under strict regenerative farming practices which include social responsibility, animal welfare, and traceability through the supply chain, resulting in consciously grown Merino bedding for your little one. 

Merino can stop your baby's skin from becoming clammy as it assists with regulating body temperature. Merino is a naturally breathable fibre, which will help your baby have a more comfortable and safe sleep. Merino is the recommended choice for sensitive skin by allergists, dermatologists and physicians. 

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