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Inspired by our own little ones, Wilder Botanicals brings you luxurious skin products which are safe for use on skin of all types and ages.  

Made by hand in small batches, Wilder Botanicals products contain only the finest bio-active ingredients and are gentle on both your skin and our planet. 


All our skincare starts with our own Kawana beeswax as a key ingredient, and each product is formulated with a curated collection of native botanicals, plant oils and pure essential oils. 


Feed your skin with nature’s best: 

Our skincare is specifically crafted to be a potent and easily absorbed food to nourish, protect and heal your skin. The active ingredients in our range are derived from plant compounds, which are extracted carefully to deliver the same bio-matrix and plant profile as it has when growing. This means the ingredients remain active, nutritionally dense and as close to nature as possible. 

Skincare that is kind to you and the earth:

Wilder Botanicals showcase Kawana’s ongoing commitment to sustainable farming and production. Not only is our skincare a luxurious, natural product which is kind to your skin, it is also created with the earth in mind. 

Our packaging is selected for its eco-friendly characteristics, which is why we favour glass, recycled and recyclable materials to house our goods. 

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