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Sustainably grown, consciously crafted 

Kawana Farming Co. harnesses our natural environment, and seeks out sustainable ingredients, to create wholesome pieces as unique as the land that inspires us. Read more.

Kawana Farming Co.


Born from a love for our land and a dream to provide a wholesome future for our children, Kawana Farming Co. brings you sustainably produced superfine Merino and skincare products, which celebrate the best materials nature has on offer.

We’re a young farming family proudly raising our children on our property in Victoria’s Strathbogie region, where we produce fine Merino wool, wild honey and pure beeswax. 


Since 2018, we’ve been sharing our products with customers who echo our values of living consciously with the whole family in mind. 


Our name is a salute to the land we occupy and live from. For more than a century, our property has been referred to as ‘Kawana’, an indigenous word meaning ‘wildflowers’, and it reminds us of the importance of honouring our environment. 


At our core is our commitment to caring for the earth, people and animals. Our production methods honour regenerative farming practices and focus on holistic growing methods which increase soil biology and help our animals and plant life thrive, as nature intended. 


Our apiary is a sanctuary for our property’s bees, who forage among old-growth forests of Yellow Box, Red Box, Red Gum, acacia and seasonal wildflowers. From them, we produce small batch wild and pure honey, unrivaled in taste and quality.

Our mission is to enrich your home with products that pave the way for a nourishing life for the whole family. 

Annabelle Cleeland 

Founder, Farmer, Mother 

About Us


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