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Stock up on Kawana Honey and save with our Triple Treat special. Each pack contains 3 jars of our 100% pure Kawana Honey to ensure your breakfast is never without delicious, natural goodness! 


Our small batch honey is cold filtered, unprocessed and packaged raw to preserve its natural goodness.


Tasting notes: Our healthy bees forage old-growth Yellow Box, Red Box, Red Gum, acacia and seasonal wildflowers. This produces a delicious, delicate honey enriched with the mild flavours of Australian botanical blossoms and undertones of toasted toffee.


Learn more about Kawana Honey.


Kawana Honey three jar triple treat

  • 3 x 500g Glass Jars

    Contains 100% pure Australian Kawana Honey.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

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